Win Draw Win (WDW) Tips

Below you will find our best Win Draw Win selections. These are picks where we look to predict the final outcome of the match.

23:00 PM
Argentina Liga Profesional Argentina
Home Win
Odds: 1.70
23:00 PM
Argentina Liga Profesional Argentina
Home Win
Odds: 2.05
18:00 PM
Sweden Superettan
Home Win
Odds: 1.85
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One of the world’s most popular sports, football, is watched and enjoyed by millions daily. The popularity of football can also be seen in the sports betting world, where picking the outcome of a game is one of the most common things to do. The words WinDrawWin describe a standard bet placed on the expected outcome of a game.

It refers to the bet placed on either a Win for the home team, Draw, or Win for the away team. You pick one of the three possible outcomes in a game of football, and that’s what WinDrawWin refers to. It’s likely the most common bet type, especially for someone just starting.

In the following sections, you will learn more about this type of bet, some of its basic rules, a bit about the odds involved, and how to research to maximize your chances of winning.

We also have our predictions for WinDrawWin games, and if you’re looking for tips, you’ve come to the right place.

WinDrawWin Meaning

WinDrawWin is a type of bet that’s among the most common options available if you want to cover a football game. It refers to the outcome of a football game, where you place a bet on the home team’s win, a draw, or a win of the away team.

Several other terms may be used for this type of bet, such as 1×2, Full Time Result, or Match Outcome. Regardless of the name used on one website or another, the idea is the same. You pick the overall outcome of a game, so you must guess who will win or whether it will be a draw.

Many will start their journey in the sports betting world with this type of bet, typically covering a game where their favourite team plays. It also remains a valid option in the long run and is probably the most popular bet type.

Rules and Examples of Use

Win Draw Win bets are only applied to the regular 90 minutes, including any injury time added to each half. Extra time is not included, so in the case of a cup game where one of the two sides must win, only the outcome of the first 90 minutes will be considered. This means you can still bet that it will end in a draw.

Example: Manchester United plays at home against Chelsea in a Cup match. You can place a WinDrawWin bet on Manchester winning, on Chelsea’s win, or a draw. Each of the three possible outcomes has different odds. If there is a draw at the end of the first 90 minutes, and you placed a wager on this outcome, you win. The win that comes from penalties or extra time added doesn’t matter.

Understanding WinDrawWin Odds

Both for WinDrawWin and other options, the odds are always important in sports betting, and it’s a good idea to understand what they represent before you dive in. They are used to offer you a probability of a particular outcome in a football game. It can be expressed through percentages, fractions, or decimals; as you can see, it will be a numerical representation.

The bookmaker will calculate these odds using several factors, ranging from each team’s strength to their form in recent matches and the history of their head-to-head games. They will give each possible outcome specific odds, adding their margin to ensure they make a profit at the end of the day.

If you want to determine which team is the most likely to win, look at the best option that will bring you the smallest amount of money. Since it’s more likely to happen, it carries less risk and pays less. The higher the odds, the more of an underdog that team is, and it’s considered an upset if it wins a match. You risk placing a bet on an underdog, so you win more if you get it right.

WinDrawWin Tips

If you want to win with this type of bet, you might find it challenging to do as a beginner. In time, the odds can improve as you learn how to apply various strategies and our tips in picking the games to bet on and their possible outcome.

First, remember that not all games are created equal, and sometimes it’s better to place other types of bets. You might feel more confident that many goals will be scored in a game, and the exact outcome might be more of a mystery, especially if it’s between two teams that are similar in strength and have strong offensive players.

If you want to place a bet of this type, there are a few different things that you can look at when doing your research:

Do your research on the teams involved: you should check out both teams and see how they performed overall this season, what’s their usual approach to games, and how their past meets went (if a team constantly loses against the other, that might be a big clue). Various other elements might temporarily influence a team, such as their recent form or player suspensions and injuries.

Figure out how important it is: some teams may be fighting hard to avoid relegation, and others might use the reserve players during a cup match, resting the rest for the league. You need to know the stakes for each team and how they plan to tackle the game. Looking at the news for each team should be on your list, including any pre-match interviews from the two coaches and club leadership.

Find where the value is: sometimes, bookmakers might offer high odds for an outcome, and you might feel differently and that it’s highly likely to happen. It might be worth placing a bet on a game like that.
Bet with your head, not your heart: do your research, find the pros and cons of each team, and then decide. Don’t pick the team you like most to be the winner unless the research points that way.
Only bet what you can afford to lose: bankroll management is important, and betting shouldn’t become an issue that negatively impacts your life. Only bet the money you can afford to lose, and it’s a good idea to have a fixed budget that you stick to.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Like with any other type of sports bet, there are advantages and disadvantages to WinDrawWin.

Among its advantages is that placing a bet on a match is supposed to be fun and exciting. It’s a good option for a beginner trying to add an extra layer to a football game since he now has a stake in what’s about to happen. You anticipate the result more, enjoy the action, and vividly feel the wins and losses.

There is also the potential to guess right and win. You don’t get paid all that much with a bet of this type, at least if it’s single, but you can still make some extra money and a profit at the end of the day. You should research, try to find the bets with good value, and don’t spend too much on any game if you want to do this in the long run.

Another advantage is that WinDrawWin is very simple to figure out. You pick only one of three outcomes, and you’re not trying to guess how many goals will be scored, how many cards will be given, or if a particular player will score. As a beginner, it’s one of the best options around.

There are also some risks involved with bets of this type, though some apply to sports betting in general. For one, you have no guarantee that you will win. Football is considered a volatile sport, and anything could happen. The odds might favour one team or another, but they don’t have the game in the bag just yet.

A downside is also that the potential is not very high. There are three possible options to choose from, so the odds can’t be high.

WinDrawWin Predictions Today

Doing your research is generally a good idea, but there are often many games to choose from on any given day. You can find WinDrawWin predictions for today on our website, and they can be a quick way for you to find a match worth placing a bet on. We suggest what’s an outcome that has good value for each game we recommend in this section.

You can research those games and see if you agree or place your WinDrawWin bet on them directly.

How to Place a WinDrawWin Bet

WinDrawWin bets are among the easiest to place. You are trying to predict a football game’s outcome by picking which of the three possible results will take place. It can be a win for the home team, a draw, or a win for the away team.

The steps that you need to take to place a bet of this type are:

Sign-up with a bookmaker: we have our recommendations of bookmakers that offer the WinDrawWin bet option, all reputable licensed and regulated websites. The bets placed with them are fully secure and will be covered in the event of a winning ticket.

Select a league and then a match you want to bet on: most leagues are available, including the lower ones. Select a game you feel confident about guessing the outcome and place your bet on which team will win or if it will be a Draw.

Pick whether it’s a single or not: you can select a single bet just on this one match, or you can go with a double, treble, or an accumulator. Add as many bets to a ticket as you want to increase the potential rewards, but as all of them need to be correct, a lot more risk is involved.

Enter a bet value, the amount you want to bet: type in the amount you’re willing to risk on this bet, and you will find out how much you can win at the current odds.
That’s it. You can now wait for the game to begin and see if your prediction is correct. If you’re not confident enough to make these predictions feel free to check out our tips for games to cover with a WinDrawWin bet today.


WinDrawWin is likely the most popular type of bet that can be placed on a football game. It’s easy enough to understand even by a beginner since there are only three possible outcomes. The options cover the possible outcomes of how a game will end (you’re betting on which side wins or if it’s a draw). The chances of successful betting will increase by learning about this type of bet, how and when to use it, how the odds are calculated, and how you can get better odds.

Don’t forget that sports betting is a gamble at the end of the day. You can reduce the odds of random elements affecting your bets by doing proper research and learning what’s important, but you can’t remove that element altogether. Approach sports betting with a responsible attitude, and you should only place bets you can afford to lose. It’s the right way to approach sports betting and will help keep it fun for you in the long run.