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Now, think of it that you have someone who does the hard work of picking out the best markets to bank on for your betting tips. That’s amazing, yeah?

It is not often you see one who’s just infallible or without one bit of flaw going about the stuff, and if you eventually do get across one, I’m certain you will want to keep him. Betting is a really dicey thing, but you don’t always need to rely on luck; luck in itself is dicey in this game, so that’s why you need the services of a seasoned punter who would point you in the direction of some very good betting markets worth wagering on. 

One thing important about this is to be able to garner concrete information about the sport in question, plausible news about the playing sides leading up to a game, strengths and weaknesses, head-to-heads, current form at the point of play and every other necessary information. Needless to tell you, some players have that natural ability for the unthinkable and can sometimes play a huge part in seeing their sides shine or scale a hurdle.

We’ve seen moments of magic from one or two very talented players change to course of a game. Is that something any betting expert takes into consideration when doing his thing? Do this team have that player with some extra ability than the others? Can he singlehandedly swing a game in his side’s favour? 

Recall how a certain Diego Maradona waltzed through an England defence in 1986, like a hot knife would through a bar of cheese, to score what has been branded the Goal of the Century. He’s a footballer that will take some stopping when he’s having a field day, yeah. 

And there’s a reason you’d think twice betting against a basketball team that has Micheal Jordan; he’s been regarded as the sport’s greatest player ever — and for a good reason.

Your ability to know and note these things first and foremost is key and will stand you in good stead when you’re at it. 


First, we already made mention of knowing one’s sport at the tips of one’s fingers. And this implies, say in football, knowing which league it is, the trend it is taking at that point in time, the in-form players and of course, the underperforming ones. For instance, Kieran Tierney has been having a torrid couple of weeks. He’s conceded two penalties in his last three games for Arsenal and put through his own goal the week before at Leicester. Back on the road this time, he’s up against Wayne Rooney, who’s scored three in his last three for Manchester United, and Tierney’s been tasked with keeping him quiet…

You would first imagine that Tierney is most likely to show some lethargy in his defence against Rooney, and you wouldn’t want to bet against the latter overrunning him often and even finding the net. Another scenario might present itself such that Anthony Joshua, who’s recorded the most knockout wins in the last five bouts in MMA, is pitted against Arnold, who has lost in his last two bouts to boxers considered to be of lesser strength to Anthony. 

Well, there are things such as upsets in sports, but then, it really isn’t an expert’s fault when they occur. And they really are very few and far between (these upsets) so expect an expert judgement to often play out. 

Knowing head-to-head records is also a thing. It is really important to know that a team have significant dominance over another going into a matchup. If you know your way around sniffing out who’s been better in past games up to the moment of the latest one you’re previewing, then it is also a big plus. Athletico Madrid has won all of their last five meetings against Elche in the Spanish La Liga ahead of this one. Los Rojiblancos striker Diego Costa has particularly found joy playing against this opponent, with the Spaniard having scored five and assisted two in his last four games against this team. This surely has you thinking of adding a market that will indicate a win is on the cards yet for Atleti, and of course, it wouldn’t be far-fetched if Costa yet again got in amongst the goals, as he’s already proved himself to be the scourge of the opposition.

Then again, it is important to know the setup and team news of each of the competing sides leading up to a game. If Lewis Dunk picks up a red card in a Premier League gamehe’s automatically banned from the next. Incurring bookings, too, could be detrimental to a team as well, and an expert surely should know well, just like Premier League rules dictate thus, that a player who receives five yellow cards before the 19th match-week will be issued with a one-match ban. If a player has accumulated ten yellow cards by match-week 32, they will be handed a two-match ban. A further total tally of 15 cautions in the duration of the season will result in a three-match ban.

An expert can glimpse why it really wouldn’t be worth banking on a player or scrapping him outrightly in one’s wagering plans; it simply could be because of injury. If a player picks up an injury in the tune-up to a game, then it is the responsibility of an expert to note this and save one the stress of having to bet on him.

Another very important thing is glimpsing out the value from the available markets from any game you’d preview. Betting is becoming diverse, and bookmakers are looking to always add a new market to the system. If you can spot the best value from these markets and still maintain credibility, then you’re good. Take, for instance, that says BetVictor is offering odds of 1.30 on an outright win for Barcelona over Villarreal in a league game, and then when you scroll through the markets, you might see that as many as 1.90 or more is on offer for the former to win in the first half and then see out a win at full time. If you can get your instincts to decipher why Barca should be leading by the break and, of course, go on to win the game, then you’ve made a better value on your wager than the usual punt an ordinary bettor might have taken on that game. But of course, remember not to go overboard when looking for value, and really be certain of which market you take. Just like have been mentioned, bookmakers are constantly updating their systems with a lot of markets which most bettors might not know what is meant. As an expert who knows the meaning of each of these markets available out there, you automatically have the edge over the bookmaker.

And talking about betting markets, it is important to familiarize oneself with every one of them made available in every sportsbook so as to know when to seize on value to make some really profitable judgements. Most markets are known to work better in a certain division in football. Say that Serie A has a penchant for producing little goals; the Under Goals market tend to become popular and more picked on by bettors who bet on the division. Or perhaps, it could be in the Holland Eredivisie that the more popular one, that is, 1×2 works much better. It also could be picking on a particular player that would interest you. If Hatem Ben Arfa has been on a goal-scoring run in the last four league games, and it is Blackburn who has conceded the most goals in the division that he plays next, it could make sense to snap him up on the goal scorer markets. As an expert, it falls to you to know which one works better and where. Though some betting markets are more profitable than others, you hold the cards if you know at each point in time where to apply each and not be lured by the bookmakers.

Another thing is making use of multiple sportsbooks for your betting. It is understood odds vary from one sportsbook to another, but if you sign up for a number of them, you can easily check around them to pick the bookmaker who has offered more odds for a market or even the biggest betting bonuses. More odds mean more profits, so it is imperative you look out for better value for your money. 

Following betting systems have also been known to do some tricks. A betting system or strategy is a structured approach to gambling meant to produce a profit. A number of things come into play there, but the thing is that knowing how it works and how to make the best of it gives the bettor an extra advantage, and if employed on a constant basis when wagering, be sure you will rake in the rewards, and that means more winnings.

One can as well take cognizance that allying with tipsters also gives you a greater advantage of beating the bookies to the money. A tipster is a seasoned professional who has the ability to point you in the direction of likely winning markets, and just like has been said earlier, if you find one, you probably wouldn’t want to lose him. Tipsters want you to win always, which is why it is a big plus if you find a credible one. Their ability to spot value and help land you wins makes them the punter’s best friend. These ones do not have any affiliation with the bookies, and they probably will want you to lose your bet, so you can say they are more trustworthy than them. It could be difficult to find the best ones, but when you do, it sure does help.

Finally, it is clever you run a separate account for one’s betting activities. This is important so one can be able to keep track of his losses and wins and not go overboard while at it. If you do not put a check on this, it could become addictive and not what one does for the joy of it. Never chase your losses, you might have heard. And it is essentially true. 

A certain Justyn Larcombe had told the story of how he lost everything he had to gamble, and it was just a stroke of luck that he was able to salvage what was left of his ruined life. BBC’s Libby Sutcliffe revealed that when he first met him in a park, Justyn was in big debt (about £70,000), having lost his six-figure salary job. The addiction was so much that at a time, he started using his company’s credit card for his excesses, placing bets on all types of sportsbooks, sometimes as high as £5,000 on football games and even once losing as many as £17,000 on a single tennis match!. When his employers got to learn of his frivolous habit, they sacked him. To make matters worse, his wife left with his kids on finding out he had not only gambled away his savings; he as well did the same for the equity in their house, the money she had given him to look after and any other thing he could lay a hand on at that time.

Now, Justyn, a refined character having rebuilt his life and has become a renowned gambling awareness campaigner, is intent on making young bettors not repeat the mistake he did in his days and really see the need to go overboard with betting. ‘My heart is to find protection measures for problem gamblers to reduce the temptation and the danger that people have.’

In conclusion, there is really no specific way around it than just putting in the hard work. Some people have been known to make fortunes from betting, so who says you won’t be the next big winner? Keep in mind that there are no so-called ‘safe bets’ out there, and nothing is guaranteed in betting.