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What is Nap of the day in betting

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The world of horse racing is not as popular as football betting, and that makes terms around it unpopular.  The Nap of the day is a very popular sentence in horse racing, but new bettors in that area might be confused about its meaning, so if you are one of them, there is no need to be ashamed. We have created this guide to help you understand in simple terms what people know about naps, horse racing, the racing nap of the day, daily naps, etc.  Naps, where horse racing naps of the day come from, is a short form for Napoleon, and we can trace its origin back to a card game that has the same name. Originally from France, a player of this game is seen as ‘Napoleon’ when they have won the game. Horse racing enthusiasts adopted the name, and it can be seen in different sentences, like naps horse racing, the racing nap of the day, daily naps, etc.

What is Nap in Horse Racing?

In horse racing, tipsters use Nap of the day for the best tip of the day. This means they believe a particular horse has the best chance of winning a race, and bettors should stake it.  Racing naps today are different for each tipster, and they make this pick based on their individual knowledge and experience.  So a tipster could pick a horse as a nap of the day, while another picks another horse as their racing nap of the day. Because of these variations, there is no guarantee that a tipster is making the right pick for the horse racing naps today. The best way to be sure you’re following the best tipster is to look at their daily naps’ success rate. If you are confident that their suggestions have been getting wins in the horse racing naps table, then you can proceed in betting on them.

What to look for during horse racing naps of the day?

Before placing a nap bet, it is very important that you consider the level of confidence you have in the selection. If the bet was given to you by a tipster, one way to be sure it is the right thing to do is to have a good look at the tipster and their experience in racing naps today. Ask yourself what they know about horse racing, how long they have been on a racing nap of the day, do they have enough experience to help you make the right pick. Betting is risky, but a tipster must have a good level of success before they can make the correct daily naps. Before placing your bet, you must consider the reputation of the tipster that gave you the suggestion, who they work for and how much money they have made. Relying on someone with little or no experience is the easiest way to burn through your money and leave betting empty-handed. However, with the right knowledge of naps horse racing or the best suggestion on horse racing naps today from a good tipster, you can be guaranteed to earn money every single time you place a bet. Horse racing naps table could combine bets from several tipsters to make up many selections, and it is one way to add the picks of many tipsters. Remember, a tipster’s Nap of the day does not automatically make it the right pick. It simply means they believe that horse is very likely to win the race. This means three tipsters could pick three different horses as their horse racing naps of the day in the same race. It does not mean they are all wrong or they are correct; it simply means they have made their picks based on their experience and the research they have carried out on each horse.

Next Bet in Racing Naps of the Day

One common thing in horse racing is NB which simply means next bet. This is one way a tipster tries to help you make some money or not lose all your outlays in betting. NB is simply the tipster’s second-best pick, and they are simply saying, “if my daily nap does not win, this combination will.” In cases where you see Round Robins, Canadians and Lucky 15’s in racing naps, the tipster has most likely combined NAP and NB to get a better chance of winning the bet. Some bettors make the combination themselves. They could get their Nap of the day from one tipster and get NB from another. Combining them gives the bettor the best chance of cashing out from the bet.

Each Way in Horse Betting.

Each way, betting can come in your horse racing naps today, and it is very important to understand what this means. Each way simply means when you bet on a horse to win and place. This means you have shared your stake in a horse winning or ‘placing’ among the top horse positions in the race. Bookies determine these top positions in the race, and they are constantly changing. So if you bet £5 on a daily nap, you have bet £10 in total, £5 on the horse coming first, and £5 on the horse placing. This way, if the horse does not come first but comes in any of the top places as determined by the bookmaker, you will make some money, although it would be far less than you would have made if the horse came first.

Racing naps today Lucky 15

This type of bet is usually placed during the big meet, and bettors place them when there is a large pool to bet on. This involves placing 15 bets in four distinct selections. They place your horse racing naps of the day bets in four singles, six doubles, four trebles, and one four-fold accumulator. The great thing about this bet, and probably the reason why bettors find it attractive, is that one winning selection triggers a payout. However, a loss can also be huge because you pay around £1 bet on each line, which means a stake could cost you around £15. Losing that stake cost quite an amount, but when your naps of the day win, you are in luck, and that will trigger a huge payday.

Other Important terms like Horse Racing Naps of Today


The horse that gets selected less on the market usually gets the bigger odds in the race. It is called the drifter because of the lack of support it gets from bettors. This is hardly picked for the horse racing naps of the day by any tipster.

Hacked Up

As tipsters make their selections for any national napping day, there could be a few horses that are sure to win easily. These horses are called Hacked Up. It simply describes the horse that can win the race without breaking a sweat.

Straight forecast

This is one of the trickiest selections to make. This bet aims to select the winning and first runner-up horse in the correct order.

Accumulator Bet

In racing naps today, bettors could make multiple selections. Any bet that involves more than one horse or race is called an accumulator. After a winning selection, it goes to the next until the whole selection wins. If one loses, that accumulator has lost.


A bookmaker is also called a layer. This is anyone that accepts bet where you can make your selection on national napping day.


As a bettor, you make your selection based on the horse racing naps of the day you have researched before the race starts. Parade describes when the horses are paraded in a numerical order in front of the grandstands to allow racegoers to see them.


A horse that is physically slow to develop is called a backward.

Course Specialist

In naps horse racing, the best horse has the best chance of winning a selection. This is where the course specialist comes in. This term describes a horse with a proven track record from its previous races.  Bettors naturally look for the course specialist when picking their horse racing naps of the day; after all, experience is the best guide in making any selection.

Get the Trip

A trip in horse racing is simply the distance of a race. When your selected horse still has the stamina to go a certain distance, it means it has ‘stay/get the trip’.

Be at the Post

When the horses have arrived at the starting line for the race, they are said to ‘at the post’. This is where you start paying attention to the race if you wish to follow your horse racing naps table to see how successful you would be.


A stayer is a horse that is considered a specialist in going the distance. This means he can reach two miles and above on the flat. Depending on your selection for the racing nap of the day, you might need to bet on a stayer.


This refers to how heavy or firm the racing surface is. This is usually an important factor when selecting your horse racing naps of the day because it could determine the outcome of the race.


The racecard is the program of the day. This usually gives information about the times, runners and riders for every race.


In your selection for the winner’s enclosure nap of the day, there is usually a horse that is heads and shoulders above the others. This is the banker.  It is usually expected to win, all things being equal, and it has the shortest price. It is easily the strongest selection in an ACCA.


In some races, immature horses compete against the pros. They are called the Green.

Boxed in.

This term is used to describe a horse that cannot make progress or overtake other horses because it is blocked by others in front of it. It can be frustrating to see a horse you picked in your racing naps today struggling in this situation.


This is the amount you make from your winning horse racing naps of the day or the final odds for the race. Horse racing is one of the most profitable sports to bet on, and if you can successfully predict the racing naps today, you can be sure of making some good money from your stake. One good way to give yourself a high chance of winning is to do your research and get suggested picks from tipsters you trust to make your selections.