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What is an ACCA BET?

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What is an ACCA BET?

An acca bet, otherwise known as an accumulator bet, is a bet that allows you to combine multiple selections from a particular sport and combine them to form one bet. If, say, you check through your favourite sport for today’s events, you might want to build an acca bet of the day. If you do, and the outcome of those bets matches what the punter entered on the accumulator by the end of the game(s), you win the payout. But then, if one of the selections fails, you lose. So consider that you’ve made two or three correct calls from a four-fold acca, and one falls short. That really can be frustrating. But believe us when we say that well-constructed acca bets are well worth it, and almost every good punter does them and may have cashed out some big bucks from them at some point.

When one creates an acca prediction, the returns on the bet increase with each additional selection, and the chances of winning the prize money increase as well, many bookies will play on this as they will try to lull you with increased odds. Access is more difficult to win than single bets, but the profits therein often outweigh the risks. And if you happen to understand the strategy very well and how accumulator bets work, you certainly will be smiling much more often than the bookies.

Which sports are most popular for ACCA bets?

Most sports offer chances for accumulator bets nowadays. However, it is more popular in sports like football, tennis, and horse racing. These sports have a high frequency of events and markets, so most sportsbooks make provisions for a number of outcomes for punters to combine when forming their bet acca. Football accas particularly come in first amongst bettors, as there are usually many games ongoing at their points of stake to add up as an acca as the search for value bets persists. If you’re ever in doubt about your selections, you might want to employ the services of a seasoned betting expert to build you the best accas today has on offer.

Using football as an example, on a given match day such as today, a punter may decide to build an acca for today while placing bets on any or even a combination of different football league divisions around the world. Picking on one’s best teams in each division makes it easier. Of course, there is every tendency that a punter knows the abilities of the teams he is backing on his accas today.

Accumulator Betting Strategies Explained

There are a number of professional ways of making acca bets. If you check around, you might find a lot of them explaining different strategies to be employed when building combined bets, but it is important to know which and how they work. Just like has been said, punters will like to make the most of knowing the team that is most likely to win a game, and that’s where building an acca comes in. However, each strategy has its own way of functioning when using them.

Trixie: The Trixie betting strategy consists of four bets of the same value from three selections and includes three doubles and one treble in separate events. To make one’s return using this betting strategy, the punter must successfully pick two winners, though three winners will see each of the four bets within a Trixie bet settled as winners. Thanks to the doubles and trebles, a Trixie will increase one’s winnings from every successful wager, and this is the most popular acca strategy amongst bettors today.

A Yankee bet is another type of multiple bet that allows bettors to place different kinds of bets of equal value up to 11 in a four-selection wager. This bet is made up of six doubles, four trebles, and a four-fold parlay bet; double bets can allow the punter to make two different selections in one single bet. If each of those selections has a positive outcome, then the prize money is won. This type of betting is rumoured to have originated from an American soldier who placed a small bet some time ago, and due to the multiple roll-over mechanics in play, he made a return of hundreds of thousands.

The heinz is a six-selection wager with 57 bets: 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, six five-folds, and a six-fold accumulator. A Heinz bet is typically associated with horse racing bettors, and it requires several selections in sux events. This system of betting is named after the 57 varieties of the Heinz company slogan. This 57-bet wager is a full-cover bet that combines every permutation of the six selections into a single wager.

More Steps to Employ When Placing ACCA Bets

You must have known that betting is a very dicey thing, and there really are no guarantees you will always land those big wins from your wagers. That is why one needs to be wise while at it, and every chance you get to bend the odds in your favour is a big plus. Even for a newbie, these things are so important.

Use the alternative betting method: Every now and then, you can alternate the betting markets that you are using, provided you know the true meaning of each one you’re staking on. In football, you can use Overs/Unders on the goal market instead of overusing the goal or no goal market. Importantly, you could hit more value if you try your hands at alternative betting, as some markets tend to have even bigger odds than others but very similar outcomes. Examples of this are the Win Either Half or Win First Half or Second Half markets, Over/Under Goals, etc. Whichever one you are using, just make certain you are right about what you’re staking on.

Make the most of using statistics: Just before you hit that stake button, it wouldn’t hurt to check around for some stats that support your decision. Yeah, Chelsea is currently on a roll of five straight wins, but have you tried checking how they’ve fared when facing league whipping boys Norwich? You might want to do so just before betting on that win. Or maybe it is from the goal angle where there have been, say, under goals in such a fixture. How exactly sure are you that we will see it over?

If you check around the team news before that game you’re betting on, is it worth the confidence placed on it? Are there missing players from either side? What’s the context surrounding the game? If you always get these right, you’ve done the best part of your work.

Use the cash-out option: It’s not always that you feel positive about the outcome of your acca, and thankfully the cash-out feature enables you to recoup your stake or even part of the prize money, even when the acca has yet to be completed. That way, you are hardly the loser.

How to Place an ACCA Bet

Go to your chosen sports column in your favourite sportsbook. It is always best to bet on sports that you are well-versed in, follow, and likely watch frequently. Choose a football league in which you have a strong interest and are familiar with the majority of the teams.

Pick the type of bet you want to make. For example, in football, pick the team you’re backing to win.

Then proceed to make any additional account selections you desire.

Add these selections to your bet slip. If you look closely under the “multiples” section, there will be an “accumulator” and the total number of odds for it.

Enter the amount you want to stake on your selections and hit bet. You will get a prompt that your bet has been made.

FAQ on Acca Betting

Are acca bets worth it?

The answer is a resounding yes; acca bets are a hundred per cent worth it. As with any one of the explained betting strategies, the more you mix things up there, the more exciting it becomes for you. And, of course, you get to really believe this is true if you win your selections. To be successful more often, always remember to pick your selections wisely and research your bets, making sure your calls are backed up with the best stats before staking. However, bear in mind that seeing all your selections pull through is often difficult, most particularly in long-form accas. Go check out today’s football fixtures, and you can see games that you can use to build your today’s accas.

How are odds calculated on an acca bet?

You can easily calculate your returns on an accumulator by making use of the decimal odds system. Notice that the odds continue to multiply as you make your selections on your bet slip, and then finally display the odds total when you’re done, so you can make your stake. But just before you do that, change those odds to decimal, and then work out your proceeds by multiplying all the prices. If you do it right, whatever you get from this exercise is your prize money.

Can acca bets be made on the same event?

Sportsbooks usually do not allow more than one betting market on an event in an accumulator. But some are beginning to allow that, like bet365, where a punter can make multiple selections from one event. For example, a punter recently turned £5 into £5,000 in the 2-1 Premier League game between Manchester United and Liverpool, thanks to all the selections he put in a Bet Builder coming in. Haven’t heard yet? Take a look at this picture inset, and you will be left with no further doubts.

Is the cash-out option available on acca bets?

Yes, the cash-out feature seems particularly made for acca betting. Whenever you’re in doubt about the outcome of a game, you can choose to cash out some money, and sometimes even when an event is in play, the cash-out option is still made available to you by the bookmaker. The amount of money available to be cashed out varies. If a bet is most likely to come through and then incur a loss for the bookmaker, they will understandably offer you a larger cash-out amount. You are allowed to insist on your bet, but do not be an arsehole as success in acca betting is not nailed on.

What does ACCA insurance mean?

Acca insurance is becoming popular nowadays, with many bookmakers as a bonus feature for punters. It is an option best meant for safety against losses. If your accumulator has an acca insurance policy, even if one of the selections fails, you will still receive some part of the prize money. The bookmaker can decide to use a free bet for the refund. Some sportsbooks are beginning to add some awesome offers to the system, and this adds even more value and makes betting all the more interesting.


Acca betting is the type of betting that can turn small stakes into big wins. You needn’t have to dole out a lot of money to bet with if you’re fond of using acca bets. Chances are that your small wagers could yield you big dividends. If you’re a punter who’s most interested in football, tennis or horse racing, then every now and then, you will want to build an accumulator and try your hands on bet builders. The reason is that while your stake can be small, you will have a chance of winning big prize money. They say there really is no harm in trying.

Provided you understand the strategy and, of course, know every meaning of the market you have selected and what you expect from the outcome, you’re good to go.

Why not look up some football fixtures and start putting together a football acca today that could land you that big win? You really have got nothing to lose, as the benefits outweigh the risks. Good luck!