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We created the European Super League on Football Manager! Part 2

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Season 2

We’re all ready to go in the second season in the Super League. Not much has changed – Manchester City are still the favourites, Real Madrid are still the 2nd favourites, Bayern are still third favourites. Except if you look closely and compare the season previews, a LOT has changed. The odds on winning for the teams in the middle of the table have reduced dramatically. Basically, the league is starting to get closer in terms of quality which is very exciting.

This season the title race in the European Super League was incredible. Manchester City won it on the final day despite losing to Manchester United. If Liverpool had managed to win it on the final day with that happening there would have been an unprecedented meltdown on the internet. 

The title race in the second tier was also incredible. RB Leipzig and Newcastle are both Champions League level teams in real life and they pushed each other to nearly 100 points each. The English teams still dominate the top of the league, with newly promoted Leeds and Everton rising straight to 4th and 5th. Dele Alli can’t stop Beskitas from being relegated as Espanyol survive by the skin of their teeth.

Newcastle got 97 points and still didn’t win the playoff. Absolutely brutal. Atalanta win the league and then Villarreal manage to get the job done in the playoffs and bounce back from relegation at the first time of asking. Rangers just about survived the drop in the first season but sadly they fall well short of the mark this time.

On to the second season in the third tier. Atletico Pamplona finished 5th the first season and build on their success to finish 1st. Like Rangers, Vitesse also had enough to stay up last time, but just don’t have the strength this time round.

The gap between the fourth tier and the third tier must be big. Sion came 1st last season and they survive by ONE goal this time. Absolutely brutal if you’re a Lokomotiv Moscow fan. In these leagues it’s great because you have a lot of teams that are so used to coming 1st that are just mid-table. It will have been a long time for Dinamo fans since they weren’t involved in a title race.

Wolves finished 2nd last season, but they get the job done this year. Union Berlin are still stuck in 4th. They’re nothing if not incredibly consistent.

Easy win for Luzern. They won’t be making a Sunderland documentary out of this season. That Union (Sunchales) team you can see at the bottom is from Argentina. I have no idea why from this point onwards you see teams from different continents going in different leagues. It’s like when Australia getting in Eurovision

Sheffield United get out of the 4th tier and they do it in style. Reading and Swansea are stuck in a Championship-esque mid-table battle.

Racing Satander just about win their league. Watford changed their manager 72 times this season but still couldn’t get out of the league.

Hull battered the rest of the competition as they easily get 1st place. Independiente Rivadavia are a random Argentinian team that have finished 7th, which makes me worry about the strength of the competition here

Bristol City also win their division with ease after only finishing 9th last time. The English football system is still clearly superior to the rest, but for how long will that be the case is the question

Israel is a country you can often forget about when thinking about the European leagues, but Maccabi Tel-Aviv are making sure they’re talked about with a big win. Vincent Kompany is still manager of Burnley at this time and he still can’t get them promoted so he leaves. Stoke are just so Stoke in this.

Brianza win with ease, Wolfsberger finish mid table and ANOTHER Argentinian team have a season to forget

I wonder what the Palermo fans think when they go to Luton for their away day.

Hoffenheim put in an incredible shift with STEVEN GERRARD as manager to make it to the final of the FIFA Open Cup. Unfortunately Gerrard’s loyalties seem to get the best of him and he masterminds a loss to Liverpool in the final. In fairness to him, Liverpool are always ridiculously overpowered in Football Manager, he might have tried his hardest.

In the FIFA International Champions League we see a South American team make it to the semi-final. It’s very encouraging to see other continents being competitive and mixing it with the European powerhouses. Sadly for PSG, their wait for a Champions League trophy will go on even longer. There are just some things you can’t buy, even in a simulation game. (Spoiler alert: they don’t win one for the next 10 years either)

Some huge transfers in the second season. Victor Osimhen is a marquee signing for Chelsea and Manchester United win the race for Jude Bellingham. We also see the confirmation of a couple of signings that have happened irl. Cancelo moves to Bayern and Cunha moves to Wolves for a huge fee. We see the very first glimpse of the money that the other continents are now getting. As Flamengo spend £52 mil on Brais Mendez from Real Sociedad.

The Super League is brutal for elite managers. In just one season Thomas Tuchel, Pep Guardiola, Antonio Conte and Carlo Ancelotti are all sacked. Forget all your previous achievements, if you can’t mix it with the best in the Super League you will find yourself at the job center. Pep Guardiola especially is having a fall from grace and now finds himself at Benfica. This is what happens when he’s not the only one with an unlimited chequebook.


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