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Unibet is one of the renowned bookies in Europe and was started in 1997 by Anders Strom. His ambition was to share his wealth of experience to assist punters in making an informed decision as they place their bets. With a huge team now than they had when they started, the intentions are still the same. Every team member behind Unibet shares the vision of making sure that online bettors are placing their bets with the right information and with the best odds in the industry. Most of the team players at Unibet are players or were players and this is the reason they best understand what you need in an online bookie and tailor their services to make your experience worthwhile.

Unibet is passionate about their players; it’s a bookie developed by the players for the players. With the player in mind, rest assured that your needs will be taken care of. The technology incorporated at the bookie is of the best calibre. This will make it easy for you to process your bets, deposits, as well as, withdrawals. With their mobile app platform, you will be at liberty to play when you want and where you want. As new innovation regarding betting rolls out, high chances are that you will first experience it at Unibet. One new addition that is gaining momentum in the industry is the in-play betting and live streaming of matches on their platform. This is a new trend made to give you better chances at your favourite sport.

Most of the professionals at Unibet constitute of players and this is the reason they will always be ahead of the game because they understand what the players want. They will always give you new stuff even before you ask for it and before other bookies implement them in their platforms. This is the reason that they will not waste time on products that do not bring value to your betting and will always give you the nicer things in betting.

Unibet is part of the Kindred Group which is one of the largest companies in the world of online gambling. This is the reason they have been able to spread their wings in the online gambling world.

Unibet is a registered trademark and the website has been placed under the custody of Trannel International Limited. This bookie has earned regulation and licensing from the Malta Gaming Authority which is the regulatory body governing all gambling activities happening in Malta.

Are you wondering what kind of sports you can bet on at Unibet? Worry no more, you will have the widest selection of sports events to bet on whether you are doing it from your mobile device or desktop computer. Sports you get to bet on at Unibet include darts, cricket, chess, boxing, cycling, futsal, football, basketball, baseball, American Football, beach volleyball and horse racing. With these sports being available, you are sure that you will not miss out on tournaments and leagues like Premier league, champions’ league, NBA, NHL, World Cup and Cheltenham among others.

  Football Betting

How is football betting with Unibet? When you choose to bet with Unibet, you will not be limited to just a few options. You will have access to a host of betting options with the best odds in the market. You will find interesting leagues to bet on that include La Liga, Premier League, and Bundesliga in a myriad of more.

Picking the team to win, a loss or draw can get monotonous at times. It would be smart for you if you broaden your horizon by knowing the different kinds of bets you can place. you have the option to make both teams to score bet, the first team to score, over/under 2.5 bet, the first team to get a corner kick, and so on. Knowing the bets that are available to you will make things great for you and earn you a holistic view in coming up with an ideal bet. Betting with the different kinds of bet types available will earn you a wider scope to your betting and probably better chances of bagging wins.

  Horse Race Betting

Horse racing takes part in a myriad of countries in different parts of the world. Horse racing involves a couple of horses and there are two different types of horse racing. One is with obstacles while the other is without obstacles. The distance the horses’ race also varies. The distance will vary depending on whether it is an obstacle race or not.
There are different bets that you can place in horse racing. The most common is the win bet where you choose the winner of the race. The other is the forecast bet where you choose the position you predict a horse will finish in.

  Mobile App and Live Betting

As mentioned earlier, Unibet has always been ahead of the game and this has been made evident by their incorporation of mobile betting to their services, as well as live betting and live streaming of matches. Things will be easy for you thanks to their easy to comprehend user interface. Their mobile application is available to iOS and Android users. If you do not wish to download their application, then you can easily access their website from your mobile device’s browser and this will be seamless thanks to their HTML5 technology used in their platform’s development. With the mobile compatibility of their platform, you are able to make your bets while on the go and conveniently from the palm of your hands.

If you wish to make your bets live, this is available both from your mobile device, as well as, desktop. Throughout the year, you will enjoy more than 120,000 events that will be covered live from Unibet’s live streaming and betting platform. The odds that are available are impressive and guaranteed as one of the best in the market.

What are some of the leagues you will not miss out on the live streams? They are NHL, NBA, NFL, Grand Slam and ATP among others. Note that in live betting, the odds to the matches change with regard to the way the game progresses.

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