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Today’s Football Tips for Betting

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Betting is one of the most profitable endeavours in the world, and people of all ages, gender and class put their money where their mouth is in terms of selection. However, today’s football tips could burn a significant portion of your wealth if you don’t know the best to put the money on. Tipsters around the world offer the best sure bets to people who trust them. Bettors sometimes pay money as subscriptions to get these predicted selections from their trusted tipsters. Football is arguably the most popular sport to bet on, so bettors are happy to put their money into it. Some of them wait until the major league seasons around Europe are in full flow before they bet.

This is because tips bet football is easy to profit from when the world’s best stars are in action, especially if you can pay attention to the form of the teams involved.  However, it doesn’t mean it will guarantee that your selection will pay off because upsets are rampant in the game.  This also does not mean you should avoid the sport because as the risk is high, so is the reward.

You can get football’s best tips when you or a tipster has studied considerably the teams involved and make the right selection. Regardless of what some people think, it can be relatively easy to win football bets, especially if you have experience in various competitions.  However, do you understand the football tips for betting? We have prepared this article to explain some types to you.

Firstly, a football tip is a bet suggested by a third party who is perceived to be more knowledgeable about that subject than the bookmaker who sets the initial odds.  So if you trust a football analyst to have more knowledge than the bookmakers who have set the odds, you can confidently trust their selections.  There are many football tips out there, and different tipsters name them separately.

In this article, we will explain some of the most popular football tips and leave you to choose the football best tips afterwards.

Accumulator Tips

We start with the accumulator tip because it is one of the most popular in the sport.   Accumulator means you make more than one selection, and the bet wins when all the selections are correct, as you have predicted.  It is an accumulator if you have four or more selections. If it is just two games, it is a double, and three games is a treble.
An example of a five-fold accumulator in football would be if your pick:

  • Liverpool vs West Ham – Liverpool to Win
  • Chelsea vs Leeds United – Over 2.5 Goals to be scored
  • Manchester City vs Aston Villa – Over 0.5 Goals scored in the first half
  • Manchester United vs Crystal Palace – Palace to win or draw
  • Nottingham Forest vs Everton – Over 1.5 Goals to be scored.

For this accumulator to win, every single outcome must be correct. As soon as Liverpool wins, it moves to the Manchester City game. If one outcome losses, for example, Everton and Forest play out a goalless draw, this accumulator has lost its stake.  Football accumulator tip can be one of the most profitable, and it is also called football ACCA tips.


This is another popular football tip, but it is a risky market to bet on. If you select a game to end in a draw, your bet only wins if it ends in a stalemate. Any other outcome means your stake is lost.  As an example, if you bet on a game between Liverpool and Manchester City to end in a draw, you only win if there is no winner in the fixture.
Bookmakers usually represent a draw bet with X on their website.

Correct Score Tip

Correct score football tip is another complex market to bet on, but as I said earlier, the higher the risk in football bets, the higher the reward. A correct score means you are predicting the exact score a selection will end.
If you select the correct score of a 4-0 win for Chelsea in a game against Norwich. The game must end with that exact score before your selection wins. Any other outcome loses the bet.

First Half Tips

Most bookmakers allow bettors to stake on either half of matches as on its regular time. This means you can choose the outcomes for the first half or the second half alone. As an example, if Barcelona is facing Real Betis, you can select Barca to win the first half. You can also pick either team to win the first half or at least one goal being scored in that half. When the referee whistles for halftime, your bet either wins or losses, depending on the selection you made. If your prediction is spot-on, you win, otherwise, you will lose your stake.

Win both halves

Bettors select this football betting tip when a big team faces a confirmed underdog. It means one team, which would be your selection, will win both the first and the second halves. If they do not win either, your bet losses.

Win Either Half

Win Either half football tips for betting vary from the above win both halves. In this bet, if your selection wins any of the halves, your stake wins, but if they cannot do so, your stake is gone.

Mixed Chances

Mixed chance bets involve betting on two different outcomes with one selection. For example, if Manchester City is facing Burnley at home, you can bet that the champions will win and both clubs will score at least three goals.
In this case, your selection will be 1/Over 2.5 Goals.

Super Single

Tipsters use super single football bet tips to name their best single game with a high odd.  If they have suggested several games to bet and a particular selection has a very high odd, they could name it their super single. Depending on the tipster, the odds could be between 1.8 odds to 5.0 odds or even more. The main thing is to keep your risk exposure low and only make the selections that you have some knowledge about.

Both Teams to Score Tips

This is one of the most popular best football tips around, and bettors usually place a lot of money on it.
Both teams’ score tip means both clubs in a selection will get a goal regardless of the eventual score. As an example, if Liverpool scores 5 goals in a game against Newcastle United, the bet will only win if the Magpies score at least one, which could make the game ended 5-1 or even 5-3. However, if it ends 5-0 or 1-0, the bet losses because it is just a team that scored. Bettors get BTTS tips for today from a game that a tipster is sure both teams know how to score, and their defence struggles to keep clean sheets.

Double Chance

Double chance is another popular football betting tip. This bet is one of the safest around, but it also has the lowest odds among the different selections. A double chance bet is usually represented by 1X or 2X on bookmakers’ websites. 1X means the home team will either win or draw the game, and X2 will win if the away side wins or the game ends in a stalemate.

Over 2.5 Goals

The Over 2.5 goals tip is one of the easiest and most popular. This betting tip means the teams will score at least three goals in the game. It doesn’t matter which of them scores the goals, as long as they score at least three goals, your bet wins.

Over 1.5 Goals
The Over 1.5 goals are similar to the over 2.5 goals tip. In this case, the teams just need to score at least two goals for the selection to win.

Under 3.5 Goals

Under goals, football betting tips are just the opposite of over tips. In Under 3.5 selections, you bet that the teams will not score more than three goals. If they score at least 4 goals, the bet losses.

Under 2.5 Goals

Same as in under 3.5, only this time the number of goals must be less than 3 scored in the entire match.

1.5 Odds

This game focuses on the odds a selection has. If one has at least 1.5 odds, then it can be staked on.  However, to be much safer, bettors usually select more than one fixture with lower odds and a higher probability of winning.

2.0 Odds

Similar to 1.5 odds. It simply means the total of the selections is at least 2.0 odds. This means your stake will be multiplied by the odds to give you the winning amount if the best wins. Some bettors group games together until they reach a desired odd. They could make it 3.0 odds, 4.0 odds, 5.0 odds, etc.


A handicap bet is basically when a bookmaker attempts to make the teams in the selection even before placing an odd on the fixture. They use it when one team is far superior to another. That means the teams start the game uneven.

What handicap does is to ensure they are even so it could add a goal or two to the inferior team at the start of the fixture. To win this bet, the superior team must win by at least two goals if a goal is added to the weaker team or at least three goals if two goals are given to the other team before the match starts.

Today’s football tips offer bettors a splendid chance to make money because the sport is easier to predict than most, and the market for its betting is big. The key to betting successfully in football after understanding the different markets is to ensure you have done a great job to get as much information about the teams in your selection before making them. This way, you can get the best BTTS tips for today and a winning football accumulator tip.
This system guarantees that you will make more money than the amount you would lose in the long term.