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  Mr Green Sports Review

Betting on sports has been an idea that has been around for many years. Football is one of the most popular game in the world and recently it has been a priority for the sports bettors. Regardless of your style of betting, soccer provides you with the chance to make a profit. There are plenty of matches being played everyday across the globe and there are a bewildering array of matches which you can bet on. Even for the most successful betting enthusiasts, they need to brush up their skills from time to time and for the newbies and seasonal bettors, they need to be reminded of the essentials.

When you choose to place your bets at Mr Green, you will learn how to read and calculate your odds, as well as, probabilities. These are number one requirements for the bettor. For score betting, you might come across US odds, decimal or fractional odds. All this will depend on your preference and the particular market you are betting in. You need to learn that there are different ways that your will express the same probability or percentage. If you are a successful sports bettor, it will be easy for you to switch from one form of odd to another.

It is important to note that some bookmakers allowed bettors to back the outcome of multiple football matches and not single games. But the good news is that those days are over and multiple bets are possible. With the multi bets, the winnings of the first bet are stacked on the second bet and so on. With multiple betting, you will be able to make your small stake into a big win and this makes it ideal for you if you have a small bankroll. The downside of multiple betting is that the combined odds of winning are long and do not always represent value.

  Football Betting

When you choose to bet on football at Mr Green Sports, you are spoilt for choice, you will have a range of leagues to bet on as well as football matches including friendlies from across the globe. With football, there are major leagues from around the world that you will come across, these include Champions League, English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, and Bundesliga among others. When it comes to placing your stakes, you will have interesting opportunities to incorporate Asian and Europen handicaps in your betting.

Asian Handicap betting is a great way to approach your football betting. With traditional betting, you will come across home win, draw and away win. Asian handicap betting changes this where it does away with draw betting and focuses on the difference between the two teams and they theoretically balance out the stronger team’s advantage. With this kind of betting, you will come across different fractional

bets but they all operate using the same principle and operate to smaller bookmaker margins and this makes them an option worth considering for sports bettors.

European Handicap is another form of betting you can apply at Mr Green sports. This kind of betting is also interesting and it is a bet that is somewhere between the standard match betting and the Asian handicap. With this kind of bet, one time is taken as the superior team by a given number of goals unlike in Asian handicap where the goals are not quoted in the fractions. This means that with the European Handicap the draw is still an option. This is a great form of betting when betting for your favourites to win big or to side with underdogs to do better than the markets are expecting.

Other forms of betting that you will come across at Mr Green Sports on football are draw bets, first team to score bets, not to win bets, both side to score bets and win bets among others.

  Horse Racing

With horse racing, Mr Green Sports has done a great job with the number of events available as well as the diversified types of bets available. They have renowned events like Cheltenham, Grand National, Breeders’ Cup, Royal Ascot, Melbourne Cup and Kentucky Derby in a myriad of more.

As you make your horse racing bets, you will come across betting opportunities unique to Mr Green Sports. These are flexi bets and spread bets. With the flexi bets, you are allowed to bet on a percentage of a betting unit which means you will not incur the full cost of the standard bet. This is available in exotic combination bets and markets that operate a pari-mutuel pool that the total betting pool is split between the winning bets. This is a great form of betting if you are on a small bankroll or when you are placing horse racing speculative bets.

  Mobile App and Live Betting

In the past, bookmakers would only take bets before a match started but in the recent years there is the concept of live betting or in-play betting. In-play betting is one of the best ways you will place your bet and a successful in-play bettor closely follow the event live. They will also be required to quickly respond to changes in the events and the fluctuating prices. To make more from this kinds of bets, you are required to make clear and quick decisions.

Do you want to place a bet at your convenience? This has been made possible by Mr Green’s mobile app available for betting. You will also be able to cash out when need be from this app. This is a great, convenient and fast way to make your bet. The mobile app is available for your Android and iOS mobile devices. You can also access the bookie from your mobile phone’s browser.

One of the advantages of betting with Mr Green Sports is that you will get great advice from the website on how to make the best from your betting activities. You will also learn of the different ways you will make successful bets and how to understand the different kinds of bets available at the bookmaker.

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