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KFC just compared Premier League teams to their menu items and it’s Hilarious!!!

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There’s never a day on football twitter where you don’t find something new. Let it be a normal week day or the international break, football twitter never disappoints. However, this time it’s KFC UK & Ireland (@KFC_UKI) who interact with the football twitter very often and have decided to do an awesome thread on “if Premier League were KFC menu items” and surely they have got some of the analogies absolutely spot on. So, here it goes.


Starting off with table-toppers Liverpool and KFC compared them to the Trilogy box meal which is overpowered like the Reds’ front three. Their dominance in the league this season has been a bit much for some (ahem Man City) and even though they’re the best in town, you’ll find some traces of Lovren in between!


Next are the Gunners Arsenal, and yeah you might think they are the water because they love to bottle, but let me tell you, the bottle has been saved for someone else (if you know, you know).

KFC gave an interesting analogy of Arsenal to that of a ‘Boneless Banquet’ which seems to be spot on since the Gunners have a great set of players but lack the leadership or the spine. What do you think, let us know in the comments below.


Up next we have the Red Devils, and even their divisive fanbase will unite to agree on this one. KFC compared them to Fries and yeah they’re not the hottest item on the menu right now as they once used to be and it certainly divides opinions and just to let you know, the Fries are Woodward OUT!!!


We move on to Spurs and this one should be the most predictable out of this list. Yup, Arsenal couldn’t have the bottle because Spurs having been bottling big for years now. It remains to be seen if Jose Mourinho can bring some fortune to the North London side but as of now, here’s the bottle!


Moving on to their London rivals Chelsea, KFC compared the Blues to the Coleslaw and I’m going to leave this one to you guys because I don’t want to choose in this case! Do let us know in the comments below.


Moving on, up next we have Newcastle United and KFC have compared the Magpies to the Snackbox and you couldn’t agree more with this! Let it be in a game or the transfer market, Newcastle always love to go for the cheaper option and Mike Ashley might want to have a Snackbox for himself too.


The next one is my favorite analogy and it is for Everton. KFC compared the Toffees with a Piece of Chicken which has just always been in the top half of the League table and not bothering anyone in the top 6.


We move on to Sheffield United who KFC have compared with Mash, who are a new addition to the league and certainly over-performing than what was expected of them.


Up next, we have a blast from the past with Sunderland. Feeling nostalgic yet? KFC have compared the Black Cats with the Double Down which has not been there for a while and probably never coming back. But you can enjoy the memories back by watching their documentary on Netflix.


Up next we have the Premier League Champions Man City and KFC have compared the Citizens to the Mini Fillet Burger which I don’t seem to agree with. I would prefer having Oil but since it’s not in the menu, we’re leaving this to you guys. Which item do you think Man City have most similarities too, let us know in the comments below.


Up next come the Irons, West Ham, and the irony here is KFC compared them to a Ketchup sachet which looks great but is easily torn apart, similarly how the team is getting tore apart by their opponents in the Premier League.


Moving on to the next team, Burnley, who have been compared here with Gravy and you can say they’re both defensive and absolutely the no nonsense stuff. Wonder if Sean Dyche loves having gravy in his meals!


Up next we have Norwich and KFC compared the Canaries to a plastic straw and similar to them, they love to support the drink and give points to the other sides and won’t be there themselves for much longer.


Finally we’re coming to an end with the Foxes, Leicester City, and a lot of people including me don’t agree on this analogy so we’re leaving this one to the fans to see if they have a better one for us.


As you can see, there have been a few teams left out by KFC but this is where the fans do their thing. We want you guys to come up with some great ideas for the remaining teams, that is Wolves, Crystal Palace, Brighton, Southampton, Watford, Aston Villa and Bournemouth. Let us know what you thought of KFC’s analogy of the Premier League teams in the comments below.

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