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Jadon Sancho to Liverpool?

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As they go into an extremely busy December, Liverpool will have their squad severely stretched over the next month. As they look to maintain their lead at the top of the Premier League, whilst simultaneously juggling the demands of World Club Cup in Qatar and a League Cup Quarter Final tie with Aston Villa, the Anfield club will be hoping that they lose no more key players to injury (having already been dealt a recent blow with Fabinho likely to be out for the festive period).

It will come as no surprise then that the current league leaders are already planning on strengthening their squad in January, with a view to freshening things up and injecting some potentially much needed energy and quality into the team in the New Year.

I received a very interesting call late on Monday evening from one of my IndyKaila correspondents based in Germany, informing me of a secret meeting that had been witnessed between representatives of both Jadon Sancho and Liverpool!

My colleague – Stefan – moonlights working the night shift at a very well known fast food establishment in Dortmund, that a number of players visit when they are having a cheat day. He advised me that his brother Michael (who Manages a high end restaurant close by in the same town) was asked to make a private booth available for some VIPs. Although Michael did not recognise the guests who made the booking, he made a point of personally taking care of them as they were racking up a particularly large tab. With the drinks flowing, the conversations were becoming more vocal and less private! It soon became very clear that the topic under discussion was Sancho.

As the guests polished off their Schwenkbraten and turned their attentions to dessert, the talk intensified from whether or not Sancho would be interested in a move to Liverpool … (he is) … to how much money the club would be willing to pay. From what Michael could tell, the lure of playing under Jurgen Klopp is a massive pull for the player. His representatives commented that their client knows that he would not simply walk into the team, given the importance of the current front 3 and their undeniable quality. However, the player backs his own ability and feels that under Klopp, he can realise his potential and force his way into becoming an equally integral player.

With beer and schnapps being consumed like water, it was revealed from the Liverpool camp that they were confident, based on their lack of spending in the summer coupled with the incoming cash injection from their deal with Nike (who also have a partnership with the player himself), of being able to fund a move to bring the player to Anfield. Despite the large transfer fee that would be required (likely smashing their current transfer record) and the wage demands of Sancho, it was indicated that Liverpool would be willing and able to bring him in.

With firm handshakes and friendly hugs, plus a very generous tip being left for Michael and his team, everybody left the restaurant at closing time. Michael is certain that he heard a Liverpool representative say “we’ll be in touch” before exchanging an enthusiastic drunken fist bump with a member of the Sancho camp!

Knowing that I am such a well respected journalist and therefore intent on bringing nothing but the most legitimate football news, Stefan insisted that I dig a little deeper before breaking this story. Not that he doubted his brothers info, but Michael is an extremely busy individual who was also looking after other business whilst gathering intel for me. So I did.

On Tuesday I contacted one of my most trusted Liverpool sources who works at Melwood. I asked her if she could find any information out about this meeting to legitimise what I had heard the previous night. Whilst I am mindful not to reveal her identity as she is held in such esteem at the club, what I can say is that given her daily proximity to those in authority, the information that she is able to provide is invaluable. And when I spoke to her about this meeting, she was able to verify that a  very important member of the Liverpool transfer hierarchy was indeed away conducting important business this week.

Given the above information that my reliable sources have been able to provide, I am confident that Liverpool are working on a January deal for Sancho and that supporters of the club have every right to be excited about their team doing all that they can to finally bring the Premier League title to Anfield in 2020!

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