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All you need to know about a football accumulator bet.

What is an accumulator bet

An accumulator bet is a bet that involves more than one selection, and it is typically at least four selections. Two-game and three-game selections are also accumulator bets, but they are usually called doubles and trebles.

Accumulator bets are arguably the best way to earn more money from a selection of bets. This type of bet allows for individuals to make more than one selection, which has different odds. When these individual odds are added together, they give one big odd to bet. Every selection must win before it becomes successful. This means after a selection wins, it is rolled over to the outcome of the next. It goes on until the final selection (football match) is settled. However, if one selection loses, then the entire accumulator has lost.

For example, if an accumulator contains these games: Manchester United vs Crystal Palace – United to win, Leicester City vs Crystal Palace – Over 2.5 Goals to be scored by both teams, Liverpool vs Tottenham – Liverpool to win or draw, Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund – Both Teams to Score. If Liverpool loses their match, the entire accumulator has lost, regardless of the outcome of the other selections. Football accumulator is one of the most popular forms of betting because of the wide range of selections available in the sport.

The bettors in that sport usually call it ACCA, and it is not uncommon to see them place accumulator football bets with up to 15 selections. Ideally, they select the safest odds and bunch them together to create an ACCA. Because these selections are safe, they usually have very low odds, so adding them together increases the overall odds. That means they win more money when an accumulator bet of the day is successful. Because of the potential high return from a low stake, bettors are constantly trying to get the winning accumulator bets from predictions websites or their research.  However, it is very important to understand the sports and the stats behind a selection before making it. This is because although today’s accumulator bet is very profitable when it wins, it has a lot of risks involved in it as well. For example, if a selection has a 70% chance of winning as a single, if we place it in an accumulator alongside other selections, the chance of the entire selection winning reduces to 35% or less, depending on the number of games in the ACCA.

Types of Accumulator

As stated before, an accumulator bet comprises at least four selections. Nowadays, some bookmakers allow bettors to place an ACCA of up to 25 matches at a time.
While the selected game could be that much, there is a name given to some accumulator bets, depending on the number of selections in it.

  • Two selections – Double
  • Three selections – Treble
  • Four selections – four-fold accumulator
  • Five selections – five-fold accumulator
  • Six selections – six-fold accumulator
  • Seven selections – seven-fold accumulator
  • Eight selections – eight-fold accumulator.

An example of a four-fold accumulator bet would be:

  • Manchester United vs Real Madrid – Madrid to win or draw at 1.30 odds
  • Liverpool vs Inter Milan – Liverpool to win at 1.25 odds.
  • Juventus vs Villarreal – Juventus to win at 1.60 odds
  • Everton vs Millwall – Over 2.5 Goals to be scored by both teams at 2.30 odds.

The total odds for this accumulator bet is 5.98. If the bettor stakes £100, they will make £598 in total and 498 in profit alone.  This is one of the reasons the accumulator bet is the go-to style of bet, especially in football.
If the same bettor staked the same amount of money on that bet and Juventus does not beat Villarreal, the entire accumulator bet has lost, regardless of the outcome of the other matches.

Football accumulator

ACCAs are the most popular type of betting in football, partly because bettors have plenty of options to choose from in the sport. These options range from the number of football leagues around the world to the number of professional players the game has. What benefit is it to bet at all if you wouldn’t bet big? This is one of the things that drives football bettors. Bookies know the game outcomes that are likely to happen, so they make the odds small.
These low odds pay peanuts, but when a bettor puts many low-risk selections together, the odds are multiplied, and it becomes bigger. In this case, their stake yields more profit if the ACCA wins, but when a single selection is wrong, the whole stake is gone.

Accumulator Football Prediction

Football prediction is becoming a big deal nowadays because some bettors are too busy to do their own research before placing bets. From the football predictions of other bettors they trust, they are able to place accumulator football bets.  Accumulator football bets are arguably the easiest to make because one can pick the selections with the lowest risks and put them all together to get a desired odd. When it wins, the wins are big, but remember that it takes just one wrong prediction for the entire ACCA to in.  As you add selections to the ACCA, your chance of winning reduces because each selection adds its individual risk to that of others and significantly reduces the odds of it becoming successful.  Greed is often the enemy of every bettor in accumulator betting. It is the reason why some punters select many matches, hoping the entire ACCA becomes successful.

The smartest way to be successful in winning an accumulator bet is to keep the number of games in an ACCA to a minimum. This way, a bettor can easily select the best match being played and stake it.
A four-fold accumulator bet might not yield as much profit as an eight-fold ACCA, but it has a much better chance of becoming successful than the latter. The betters who succeed the most from accumulator bet of the day are those who spend some good time researching the teams involved in the selections they want to make. After doing that, they also choose only a few games in their ACCA. Instead of bunching 20 games together, they could bet on four ACCAs with five-fold selections in each. This way, they spread their risk, and they could lose two of the four ACCAs and still be in profit. Meanwhile, if they had used their entire stake in the 20 selections, at least two selections would have made it unsuccessful. A football accumulator bet is also attractive because it usually offers a “cash-out” option.
What this means is if five games in your six-fold ACCA have been successful and you think the last game might fail, you can simply get paid for the successful outcomes. However, it would not be as much money as the original profit you could have fetched you.

How best to win an accumulator bet

There are so many ways to win a bet, but one of the most important reasons people are successful in accumulator bets is strategy.
Several bettors go with the flow, and some even judge a selection based on how high or low its odd is.
That can be a successful strategy, but it can also be deceiving.
For example, a bettor can pick Manchester City to beat Crystal Palace at home just because the odds of City winning are small.
This is one of the worst ways to place a bet because football is a sport that has a lot of room for upsets.
However, from proper research, a smart bettor will avoid picking City to win the game.
Instead, they could add the selection by betting on both clubs getting over nine corners in the entire match.
With research, this could be the best pick, and that means it has a higher chance of succeeding because even if Palace causes an upset and beats City, the pressure from the superior side is likely to generate a lot of corner kicks.
It is also very tempting to bet on the accumulator bet of the day every single time.
However, it is much smarter to bet on an ACCA only when your research suggests it makes more sense.
Do not throw a long list of fixtures together every weekend because you think they will win.
This strategy will surely burn all your money and make you broke in a matter of a few weeks or even days, depending on how much you stake every single time.
Non-runner accumulator bet
In football, there are unforeseen circumstances that could make one of the selections (matches) cancelled or postponed.
Therefore, bookies have made room for the non-runner bet. It simply means if they cancel a selection, the bet will go on, but they would adjust the odds accordingly.
For example, if you bet on five games and among them is a match between Burnley and Manchester City.
However, because of a heavy snowstorm, that match is cancelled and rescheduled for another day, your ACCA will continue, but that game would be deleted from it, and its odds would no longer count towards the overall odds.
Each-way accumulator
This is one of the easiest ways to ensure your accumulator bet pays you, but it reduces the amount a bettor gets paid, eventually. This type of accumulator is more popular in horse racing.
How it works is that it involves two bets. This means a stake that is placed is doubled.
As an example, when a punter places £5 on four horses to come first, that is one part of the bet.
The second part only needs them ‘to place’ for the accumulator to win.
If all the horses come first, then the bet wins, but if three places first and the fourth horse comes 2nd, the bet still wins because the last horse “places.”
To “place” means to finish inside the top places, and this is usually determined by the bookies themselves.
The Each-way accumulator bet is also calculated differently, so to get the winning odds, one is to apply the each-way fraction on the original odds, which is 1/5 of the odds.
How to place an accumulator bet
It is hard to tell if your bet is the best football accumulator of the day. However, you must know how to place one to even stand a chance of making the right picks.
To make an accumulator bet is not complicated in any sense of the word. Here is a typical walk-through of the process for any bookmaker.

Go to the sports section you want to bet on the website, e.g. football
Select the outcome of a match you want, e.g. Home win or Draw
Add the selection to your bet slip, and this is simply done by clicking on the outcome you expect.
Repeat this for every game you want to add to your accumulator until you have more than four games on the bet slip.
Enter the amount to stake on the bet.
Check if your selections are exactly how you want them.
Click on “place bets”, and you will get a confirmation that you have placed your bets

Why should you bet on accumulators?
Accumulators are high-risk bets, but they also offer a bettor the best returns for their money if the games win.
There is a high risk of losing your stake. However, with careful research and focus on your strategy, you can consistently win in ACCAs.
However, it takes some time to find a system that can provide you with the best accumulator bet of the day, so patience is an important attribute to achieving success in betting on ACCAs.
If patience is an important ingredient, one recipe for failure in winning an accumulator bet is greed.
How this applies is that bettors deviate from their planned strategy when they are tempted to include a game that the “thing” will win, even if their research does not back it.
If you focus on the selections your research back, you might not win your accumulator bet all the time, but you have a better chance of succeeding with accumulator football bets in the long run.
Today’s football accumulator bet offers one of the best chances of making money as a bettor. However, you must stay focused on your strategy and ensure you only bet on selections you have researched.